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EnviroQuest International

Company Commitment and Mission Statement

Special note to protect our customers:

CONSUMER BEWARE! Be aware of other web sites (including eBay sellers) that have copied our content and pose as our company! We are the ONLY company online that offers: genuine Alpine Air Living products by EnviroQuest InternationalSM with manufacturer's original 3-year parts and labor warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, NO obligation Risk-Free trial of any Living Lightning™ Alpine Air purifier, NO restocking fee, NO return penalty fee, NO hidden fees, NO nonsense. Recently we discovered that select few web sites that do not share our values have taken our content without our permission, and now pose as our company, offering to unsuspecting customers similar or even the same terms as we do! The difference is they only "promise" and then you never hear from them again once they get your money. We actually deliver on all of our promises! As all of our satisfied customers have already experienced for themselves. So please be extra careful!

EnviroQuest International® is a leading innovator and the source of unique indoor air purification technology, and is dedicated to you — in providing you with the best air purifiers for indoor use. Living Lightning® Alpine Air purifiers are made for customers who want to live a healthy lifestyle, and understand the importance of breathing clean, pollution-free air.

Alpine Air - The Future of Indoor Air Purification™

Our product line features small elegant wood finished units for the home and office, and industrial/commercial units for business establishments. Over 25 years of research and development went into making Alpine Air Living purifiers, and now the newest, technologically advanced unique product line is finally available to you at an affordable price.

EnviroQuest International® is in business to improve your life and your family's. This has been our objective from the very beginning and continues to be this very same day! With this in mind, let's get started...


"To improve the lives and health of millions of people worldwide by helping them breathe clean, pollution-free air indoors, thus reducing allergies, asthma, and other upper-respiratory conditions due to contaminated indoor air."


We, EnviroQuest InternationalSM, are committed to educating the public on the dangers of indoor air pollution, while providing a quick and easy solution to this increasingly growing problem. Our mission is to help as many people as we can to live better, healthier lives by eliminating indoor air pollution from their homes.

Our company was formed with the premise to educate, inform, and help you solve the nasty everyday problem of indoor air pollution. At no cost or any obligation to you, we will provide you with all the necessary information and facts that you need to make an informed decision to solve the indoor air pollution problem in your home.

We recommend that you first visit the home page to really get familiar with the dangers of indoor air pollution and the unique, proven solution that now exists. Or if you feel you already know everything there is about indoor air pollution and the Living Lightning™ Alpine Air technology, and you're ready to buy now, then click here. If you're not sure if indoor air pollution is a problem in your home or office, or you don't know which Living Lightning™ Alpine Air purifier is suited best to solve your particular problem, please see below and take a free test.

Take a FREE TEST and find out if you have a problem of indoor air pollution in your home or office, and if so, which Living Lightning™ Alpine Air purifier is suited best to solve your particular problem.