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ATTN: Customers with old Out-of-Warranty Ecoquest and Alpine living air purifiers


BEFORE you waste money repairing old technology!

DO NOT send your old ecoquest or alpine living air purifier for repair to us or anywhere else, until you read this!

Instead of wasting your money repairing old technology (if repair is even possible) there is a much better solution for you...

LIST OF OLD MODELS mostly over 10 years old and discontinued that can no longer be repaired or refurbished because parts are not available:

LIST OF OLD MODELS that can still be repaired/refurbished on a case-by-case basis at an average repair fee of $225+ in addition to $25+ SH ($250+ total):

Your Problem

If you want to repair your old ecoquest or alpine living air purifier or you need replacement parts for it, there is a problem — lack of parts! Due to current state of economy and many parts suppliers for older technology going out of business plus various other factors, parts for older ecoquest or alpine living air purifiers are no longer available, with the exception of a few basic maintenance items (ozone plates; back filters; front grills, fan motors and blades.) So neither we, nor most of the authorized repair centers around the country are able to repair your old ecoquest or alpine living air purifier or provide you with replacement parts. Now, a few of the old ecoquest or alpine living air purifiers could still be repaired and/or refurbished, however if this applies to your air purifier model, this is NOT the solution to your problem for these three simple reasons:

Our Solution

Considering the facts, we came up with a great solution for our existing loyal customers, which ends up being a WIN-WIN situation for everyone at the end, especially for you, our customer! We have instituted an exclusive to us and unique trade-in program, which allows you to TRADE your old ecoquest or alpine living air purifier for a brand new machine of your choice at significant and instant cash discount!

That's right! You can now easily avoid all of the hassles of dealing with older technology and many unnecessary risks involved, by simply giving us back your old machine and getting a new one in exchange. We will even pay you to send your old ecoquest or alpine living air purifier back to us at our expense! You've read this right...

For about the SAME cost (or less) as refurbishing your old ecoquest or alpine living air purifier you can now receive a brand new comparable alpine living machine with a solid 3-year parts and labor warranty featuring all of the newest technological improvements done over the years, in comparison to older models:

So now you have the facts. If you're still thinking about repairing your old ecoquest or alpine living air purifier, please carefully consider all these facts BEFORE making a final decision to repair. No matter which way you look at it or how you run the numbers, facts don't lie - from a financial and technological standpoint you're much better off trading your old unit for a brand new machine through our exclusive trade-in program. Don't risk your money and settle for anything less!

We now invite you to visit our brief trade-in program page where you will get detailed information and see all of the available new models on a trade. You can even initiate the trade at your convenience by following 3 simple steps outlined on this same trade-in page, and you can have the trade completed in less than 5 minutes from now with your new alpine air living purifier on its way to you! Yes, it's that easy!

Please click this link right now => trade-in program. We thank you for your continued business, and appreciate you being our customer!

EnviroQuest International
Technical Support Dept.