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Here are REAL unedited individual, professional, and small business testimonies. These are REAL people just like you who are using our powerful technology with incredible results!

Even though the Living Lightning™ Alpine Air purifier by EnviroQuest International is NOT a medical device, nor do we claim it to be, many thousands of people who have tried this product have written testimonial letters attesting to the health and other benefits after trying one of these amazing air purifiers. Here's what just a few satisfied users have to say about our product!

Listen to what Dr. Laura Schlessinger said about her Fresh Air purifier, built on same technology as the products you see featured here!

Allergies and Asthma VS. Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purification

I have used Living Lightning Air purifiers with many of our patients who suffer from severe upper respiratory allergies. Most of them suffer from house dust, pollen, dander, mold, mildew, and many chemical compounds. In every case, the patients have responded with almost no new attacks, while indoors. These machines are excellent for removing the various allergens from the indoor environment, thereby alleviating allergic reactions. I should also mention that those with asthma do well on low settings. A patient who had severe allergies used the machine for just a few days, and she responded with a letter that said, "I love it! I love it! I will never give it up! Thank you for this wonderful purifier".

John E. Stauch, PhD., Immunologist
Annandale, VA

My daughter is almost 5 years old and since birth has coughed at night while sleeping. This constant cough sounded as if she had pneumonia or a deep chest cold. A few days after running the Classic in our home, we noticed she stopped coughing. It's been almost 2 months since this machine has been running, and only once has she coughed again (she indeed had a cold that time). Also, my wife has asthma. Her allergies sometimes make it hard for her to breathe. On numerous occasions, I have taken her to the emergency room because of it. Since the Classic has been in, she has not used her atomizer as frequently as before. Last but not least. The family wakes up in the morning with clear breathing. It's easy to tell especially in this colder weather when stuffy noses due to the drier air used to be prevalent in the morning.

Robert R. Jamieson
(no city listed)

My husband has severe allergies, I smoke, and we have dogs in our home. My husband was getting three serum shots per week for his allergies, but even so, symptoms remained, so I told him about the Fresh Air purifier when I heard about it. He is extremely skeptical about products that sound "too good to be true", but said he'll give it a try for 30 days. I bought it and as each day went by, he was more and more impressed. He was feeling much better and our home smelled so clean that visitors wanted to know how we had done that. We bought the unit 2 months ago, and it's one of the smartest purchases we ever made. We love it! Walking into our home to that wonderful clean smell is great, but best of all, my husband has quit taking allergy shots and feels so much better. He says he can't live without his Living Lightning Air purifier.

Mr. and Mrs. Lattray
Mt. Vernon, IL

Our Living Lightning Air unit has helped me with my health and has stopped a monthly expenditure of $125 on prescription allergy drugs I have been taking since 1991. My allergies and sinus problems have caused me to lose my sense of smell, and you can't imagine how this feels until you have experienced not being able to smell almost everything. After putting the Fresh Air purifier in the main part of our home, I started feeling better the following night. Seven days later I stopped all medication. Within two weeks I was able to smell everything, including the roses in our backyard. What a wonderful feeling! My doctor cannot believe what the unit is doing for me. He asked for some information about the unit, and I have forwarded the info to him. I wanted to take just a moment to thank you, especially for helping me to regain my sense of smell.

Michael Bernard
Los Gatos, CA

Within minutes of plugging in the Classic air purifier, my house smelled like air after a lightning storm. There are no other items in my house that have lasted this long (I bought this machine over 15 years ago!) The unit has provided my wife with an allergen free environment.

Jim Cheap
(no city listed)

Your product is amazing. Our son is 18 months old, and since his birth he has been on Zyrtec an allergy medication. He has had bags under his eyes, always rubbing his eyes and has not slept well at night. Now with the Living Lightning Air RainFresh Breeze Purifier, he does not need his medication and does not have bags under his eyes. The house smells so clean. Often his room had a soiled diaper smell even though we used a diaper pail that was supposed to contain the diaper smells. Now with the purifier, his room does not smell, it actually smells fresh like the outdoors. I have recommended this product to my parents and my sister that actually takes medication also on a daily basis for her allergies. Thank you so much for fresh air.

Scott Fenton
Lewes, DE

Cigarette Smoke VS. Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purification

Several times a month we have live entertainment, and along with great entertainment comes one major problem: the cigarette smoke. My wife is allergic to cigarette smoke and could not stand the awful odors that wreaked from our clothes at the end of the evening. We recently added up the amount of money that we have spent trying to correct the problem. First, we installed a whole new air conditioning system and all new duct work, for a grand total of $3,900, that was unsuccessful. Next, we purchased three smoke eaters for a total cost of $2,200. We still had our problem with cigarette smoke. But within just a few days of installing LA-5000 unit for our auditorium, there was NO LONGER A PROBLEM! My wife and I live happier and healthier thanks to your product.

Bill Wells, Bill's Music Shop
West Columbia, SC

I have been a devout pipe smoker for many years (much like a chimney!). My wife and I also have two fairly large house dogs - one of which has always been plagued with a rather pungent dog odor that emanates from her no matter what is done to correct it. As a result, our 2,000 square foot home always smelled like a dirty dog smoking a pipe! One day my wife has ordered RainFresh Breeze Living Lightning Air purifier. My first words were, "That little thing is going to do the whole house? Yeah, sure." Well, much to the amazement of both of us, our house was totally odorless within just a couple of hours! Not only that, but not long after, my wife was able to discontinue her allergy medication for the first time in many years, plus we could no longer see dust floating in the air. The air seemed "lighter" and easier to breathe, and a multitude of other benefits were noticed.

Bogul M.
Savannah, GA

I had been a smoker for the past 35 years and the doctor diagnosed me as having emphysema. The treatment involved breathing therapy and required that I use a breathing machine at home. For approximately three years, I was on breathing treatments, various medications, and carried an inhaler with me at all times. With all the medications and treatments, I continued to have severe breathing problems and knew the medication had ceased to help. In September of 1992, a good friend of mine introduced me to the Living Lightning Air Classic purifier to take away the formaldehyde odor from a new pair of shoes. He also told me that purifying the air in our home should help me to breathe easier. For the first time since May of 1989, I slept for eight hours straight. My sinuses began to run and the phlegm began to break up, and this continued for approximately 1 year. I realized that the many toxins in my body were being eliminated. In January of 1994, I stopped using the breathing machine completely, and in December of 1994, my lung specialist upgraded my diagnosis of emphysema to asthma, with last test showing my breathing at 98%. I am thoroughly convinced that my improvement over the last 2 1/2 years is directly due to the Living Lightning Air Classic purifier.

Elton Tucker
Warner Robins, GA

As you know, Steven and I are smokers. I did not realize how contaminated our home had become until after trying the Flare purifier. In just a few hours, we observed a dramatic improvement in the freshness of the air in our home. As recommended, we placed the Flare in our closet to sanitize and deodorize the cigarette odors from our clothes. WOW! What a difference! I no longer have to take my clothes to the dry cleaner to get rid of the cigarette odors. Just a few minutes with the Flare is all it takes. Friends and relatives continually comment about the fresh, revitalized air in our home. Also, there are no more airborne Stretch hairs (our Labrador Retriever) and dander or "wet dog" odors.

Kiberly Wyan
Apex, NC

Pets Vs. Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purification

For the past 42 years, we have operated a busy veterinary hospital. Since we offer treatment, surgery, boarding and grooming, we always have many animals in the building. This creates quite an odor problem. Recently, as we prepared for an evaluation by the American Animal Hospital Association, we purchased 2 Fresh Air purification systems and placed them in strategic locations within the hospital. When the evaluator arrived, he stood in our reception area for some time greeting the staff. He later noted in his oral report that there was no trace of odor, but a very fresh feel and smell as he toured our entire facility. Both clients and staff have remarked about how pleasant the hospital now smells. We now feel very positive about the air quality we are able to provide our patients.

Robert M. Byrd, D.V.M., Hospital Director
Audubon Animal Hospital
Owensboro, KY

I cannot begin to thank you enough for inventing such a wonderful product. The very first day I turned on my Flare purifier, I was amazed at the difference in my home. Since I have 3 cats, a dog, and I smoke, I have always been plagued with animal dander and odors. That very first evening a friend stopped by and as soon as he walked in the door, he noticed the difference. Usually his eyes would become irritated and watery. He stayed for over three hours and left with no signs of irritation. Needless to say, he was very impressed!

Linda Schlegal, L.P. Schlegal Inc.
Reading, PA

I am a RE agent and I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the Living Lightning Air product. It helped me sell a property! The owner of the property had a 17-year old dog that was confined to the basement. Since it was so old, it could not get around. This area of the house, as well as several other areas, had urine and fecal odors that detracted from the sale of the property. The owner also had two cats that roamed the house, and they only added their contribution. The owner tried room deodorizers and other masking scents to no effect and was thinking about carpet replacement and repainting, which would cost thousands of dollars and probably would still not remove the pollution. I consider your product to have been vital in the sale of this property as it provided a viable solution at a bargain cost.

Edward O'Connell
Greenbelt, MD

Toxic Fumes and Smells Vs. Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purification

We had our office painted and re-carpeted last month and we did not smell the paint fumes when the painters were in our office painting. Also, the dust that came up with the old carpet dissipated quickly with the Living Lightning Air RainFresh Breeze purifier. We had another office painted down the hall from us, and the fumes were very strong. It was amazing that we could not smell paint in our immediate office, but it was very strong in the one down the hall!

Melissa Bovenkamp, United Brotherhood of
Carpenters and Joiners of America
Seattle, WA

I must tell you what happened today!! I had decided to warm up some tomato soup on the stove to have ready for my hubby as he was coming home soon. Well, I went into our office and forgot about the soup until this permeating smell of fire introduced itself into my nostrils, and I immediately recalled that I was warming up tomato soup!! I ran into the kitchen and yes, there the soup and pot were smoldering in flames. I shut the burner off and let the flame die slowly out as the fan took out some of the smoke!!! Well most of the mobile home was pretty well filled with the pervading odor of burnt tomato soup...but to no detriment to me, as I own a Living Lightning Air Unit! I put it near the furnace where the air is recycled and turned the fan to on... I had to leave on a business call and within 60 minutes, upon my return, the mobile home was as fresh smelling as the fresh snowy frigid outdoor air!!! I am so thankful for my unit, as it has been so useful in many ways, as refreshing the interiors of our cars, removing mold from our home, removing the mold smell from our daughter's basement, and just the everyday running of it in our home! I know you love to here true stories like mine so thought I would pass this on to you. Use it to benefit your sales.

Catherine L. Hammond
(no city listed)

Thank you for informing me about the Classic air purification system. I cannot describe to you the difference that it has made in our home. I described to you some of the problems we were having, as we do have cats in our home. With your system, the odor problem has been completely eliminated. Additionally, our basement had smelled musty and of mildew. Again, your air purification system completely eliminated this problem as well. I highly recommend this to anyone with similar problems.

Norman V. Schaich, Eubanks and Schaich, P.A.
Law Offices
Black Mountain, NC

As you know, a hair salon has many chemicals and odors in the air at all times. Between the hair color, bleaches, perm solutions, hair sprays, artificial nail solvents, and acrylic solutions combined, it can make for an unpleasant odor as well as serious environmental problem. The Fresh Air purifier and LA-5000 that we tried have eliminated not only the odors, but have cleaned up the air so well that even our complexions are better! It's true! All of the staff has been noticing cleaner, less oily complexions and - best of all - fewer illnesses. Also, our salon has gone through extensive remodeling lately, and the paint smell and drywall dust are non-existent. Thanks to EnviroQuest International systems, we're all breathing easier. Thank you so much!

Melanie Potter, Salon Manager
Charles Scott Salons
Rocky River/Westlake, OH

Other Recent Testimonials

I have been using my Lightning Alpine Living Air Purifier (ZL-3 model) for several months. I live in Arizona where it is very dusty and with the lack of rain a great deal of pollution. This was the reason I bought the air purifier. It has performed beyond my expectations. I am finally breathing clean air in my home. My wife is very satisfied as well and we have found that our house stays clean for a much longer period of time. I highly recommend the purifier and am very pleased with all of the unit's features.

Don Amen
Sun City West, AZ

We love our Alpine air purifier...We were introduced to one of your first models 9 years ago when a skunk sprayed and the stench overtook our house inside and underneath. Within 2 days our house was cleared out. It was unbelievable. We just could not do without it, it works great and my home smells clean and fresh all the time. Thank you so much.

Linda Andrews
Liberty, NC

Within a few days of setup we started to notice discoloration on the walls and tiles and a strange smell that lasted for about a day or two. After investigating - we realized that this machine was starting to pull all of the nicotine and tar garbage out of the walls of our home! You see, our home was previously owned by a pair of chain smokers and while we had lived there about 3 years and had cleaned thoroughly, there was all of this yuck in the walls!! We went thru and cleaned again from top to bottom. Our home now smells WONDERFUL all of the time!

Nicole Hogan
Burlington, WI

I've had an Alpine Air Living purifier for four or five years before getting this new one. I've been quite satisfied with the unit's removal of air impurities or else I would not have purchased a new unit.

Bill Brooks, Broker/Owner
Sun Country Realtors
Austin, TX

The reason why I purchased the LA-1500 is my father in law is a chain smoker & I found it very difficult to breathe in the house. I looked around at all the other smoke free filters out there & the price was double even triple the price of Alpine. I wanted to give it a try & had nothing to loose because of their 30 day money back guarantee. So I ordered one about a month and a half ago & to our extreme satisfaction it worked awesome. In fact it worked so well we ordered a 2nd one & placed it in my father in laws room & now when we turn the heat or the air on, it doesn't smell like smoke throughout the house. We are a very happy & satisfied customer. Thank you very much "Alpine".

Randy Savitt
Apple Valley, CA

My name is David Shinn and I just bought the Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze to try, because I am tired of every body on TV saying this is the best. I can tell you that it does not work! It has been on for about 4 hours after I plugged it in and no change in the air. That is why I am sending this email to you. About two years ago we bought from you the Living Lightning air purifier that cost us $500.00. We got a 4-week trial and after setting it up, in about 30 minutes the whole house smelled like the outside. I remember we had crab legs that night and I forgot to take the trash bag out before we left. We came back about an hour later and the house still smelled like the outdoors. Your purifier is the only one that works as advertised! Thanks again and have a good day.

David Shinn
Charlotte, NC

The service I have received from all of you guys has been awesome!!! Yes, not only is the living lightning air purifier great, the service I have received has been outstanding. I like our Classic air purifier. I have two dogs and live in a small condo. When I walk into my home I smell the fresh air instead of the dogs. Thank you!

Beverly Swagerty
San Bernardino, CA

I'd like to give a testimonial. After smoking most of my life, I quit. All was well until the third or fourth day when I opened the car door and almost gagged at the smoke smell! I have smoked in my car daily for over 6 years with the window down, thinking it would somehow protect my car from smelling like smoke, and I never actually noticed how bad my car really smelled of smoke until I quit smoking for good. What a surprise! So when I realized this, I took my Classic from my home, put it into the car and rolled the windows almost all the way up. I turned it to the highest setting and ran the machine overnight. In the morning, I opened the doors and let it air out for about 20 minutes. The smoke smell was COMPLETELY GONE! I had friends who have never smoked double check and they are also amazed! There is absolutely no indication that a single cigarette has ever been smoked in my car! Here we are several weeks later and the smoke smell is gone completely. My car smells almost like a new car again. I've had my Living Lightning air purifier for over 4 years and I continue to be amazed and delighted at how well it works!

Stephanie Oaks
Henderson, Nevada

I have purchased several Living Lightning air purifiers throughout the years. Some I left behind and others I brought with me to Florida. I had the powerful LA-5000 for my restaurant in Michigan for the dining room to eliminate smoke, odors, and fryer smells, and it did a marvelous job. It even kept the draperies cleaner and the walls whiter. I have tried other air purifier brands and can tell they are not as efficient as the Living Lightning air purifiers. We also have a small one for our RV. Thank you for such a great air cleaner. I have loaned them out occasionally and they do such a good job cleaning up the odors that people who borrow my units don't think the odors will come back. Cute huh?

Roberta Wiser
Ruskin, FL

I have year round allergies and my husband also suffers from allergies especially this time of the year. The first week of using Fresh Air we felt more congested than our normal, but like the instructions said because we were going through detoxification, it was normal. Surely after that first week we FELT so much better and we're BREATHING much better. One day my husband accidentally unplugged the unit before going to bed and that morning we both woke up congested. I checked the unit to see if it was working and sure enough it was unplugged. We noticed a BIG difference when the unit is off. It's a great investment for your health.

Nida Cabana Bell
Corona, CA

This machine allows my daughter to stay in my house for a couple of hours when she visits - she has allergies, which result in Asthma and I have 5 cats! This is why I originally bought my Classic years ago. I have used this air cleaner for over 10 years now. The air in my home is clean and fresh and I wouldn't be without this machine!

Lee Downs
Airville, PA

I didn't realize how much my PRO LA-2000 purifier worked until I took it down to pack it for an upcoming move. Wow, what a difference. I am miserable without it. It is being moved to a home in Dallas where a relative has emphysema. I KNOW it will help him in his air quality.

Claudia Suszka
Arlington, TX

I have had your Desktop LA-1000 purifier for several years now. I have tried all the other purifiers and I would not have anything else in my house. The Living Lightning Air is the best ever! Thank you for this wonderful product.

Linda Mason
Carmel, IN

I am delighted with our purifier; it does everything you claim it will do. No more dust bunnies running down the hall, and no more dust/dander floating in the sunrays are two of the immediately noticeable effects. The cat fur is not gathering in the corners and cooking smells are gone. Most importantly, though, is that now my sister can visit without suffering allergy attacks. I have indoor cats, and she is allergic to them, so visiting has been a problem even if I cover all the furniture. Now she can be comfortable here and is so impressed with the difference in air quality, the lack of pet dander and dust particles/mites floating in the air, and the overall clean, fresh-smelling air that she has purchased a Flare for use in her own home. Thank you.

Rose & Archie Smith
Mount Pleasant, NC

Results after using your Fresh Air purifier were amazing. My 2-year-old completely stopped 3 aerosol treatments a day. I have convinced 3 of my closest friends to buy this machine. Thank you!

Nikole Ambriola
San Luis Obispo, CA

Friend at my church was wearing a Mini-Protector. I have asthma and was having an attack that day at church. She let me put it around my neck. Oh wow what a difference. I needed one now... thank you for this product!

Katherine Gentry
Franklin, TN

I have a friend that owns a Flare. I loved how it reduced airborne pet dander in his house, so I bought myself a Flare and then a Fresh Air!

Curtis Page
Manchester, NH

I received the product about two weeks ago and have noticed a marked improvement in the air quality in the house. Even my wife finally admitted she was glad I bought the unit.

Robert DeFloria
Huntington Beach, CA

With 4 dogs and a 'gourmet chef' at work, it's got its work cut out for it! So far very good.

Ed & Donna Maniotes
Hayesville, NC

After chemo, I bought your Living Lightning LA-2000 air machine for breathing purity. Thanks for being here for us all. It works great on dog accidents and skunk odors!! My dog chased after a skunk, after which I confined my dog to garage size room with your machine on low setting and the skunk odor was gone within 1 hour. Amen.

Faith Gilmartin
Lakewood, PA

I would just like to say that we enjoy the Flare air purifier very much. We have noticed a definite improvement in the air quality in our home. The air in our home smells clean and we can breathe much easier. I haven't tried putting it in my car yet, but I will very soon. Thanks for providing a wonderful product!

Joey Cauley
Sherwood, AR

I purchased a fresh air Mini-Protector personal air purifier recently. I have really enjoyed it, and it was a blessing on our vacation.

Josephine Smith
Camas Valley, OR

So far I'm doing fine and I assume that the air purifier does do the job, as I feel much better. Shipment was quicker as expected.

Juerg Bliggenstorfer
Stamford, CT

I own your Silent Thunder air purifier and can tell it really works in our multi cat household. Thanks!

Greg Bachman
(no city listed)

We received our Classic unit a couple of weeks ago, set it up, and my wife, myself & 2 friends noticed the difference in our air immediately. I am very happy. Thank you!

Stewart McDonald
Kennewick, WA

We love our Living Lightning Air purifier. My husband has allergies and asthma and he said that when he gets home from work he stops sneezing and is able to breathe easier. It is so nice to be in the house and breathe clean air. Thank you.

Laura Docken
Mitchell, SD

Many thanks for your timely response. I have to say that I hadn't realized how much better the air had become with the Fresh Air unit until I had to shut it off for cleaning. What a difference in the air! Many thanks.

Judie Collins
Las Vegas, NV

I received our Flare Living Lightning Air machine about a month ago. We are enjoying it and both sinuses and asthma are much better. The air is so clean and refreshing as we come into the house. It is like being on the ocean.

Sara Miljevich
West Dundee, IL

We bought a Living Lightning air purifier and an hour after we turned it on, we could tell a difference. The usual pet and cooking odors were GONE! It helps with allergies as well. The service and support department has been great. I will recommend this product to family and friends. Thanks for helping with an odor free environment.

David Denton
Jasper, GA

Thank you for the good service and support.

James Lynch
Walnut, CA

I own your Silent Thunder air machine and use it all the time. It's great! Also, thanks for the info in your news letters, its very informative.

Mel Dorsey
(no city listed)

I have enjoyed the Classic for past 6 years now... it's a WOW!

Richard Ellison
Altamonte Springs, FL

I love the living lightning air purifier, as it has done wonders in our house. We even ask people that walk in what it smells like and they always say like fresh air. Thank you.

Larry Price
Forth Worth, TX

My mother went to New Brunswick to visit my sister at Christmas. While there she mentioned that she had purchased a Living Lightning Air purifier. My sister said she has had something in her closet for years that she thinks may be an air purifier. They set it in the living room and turned it on. Apparently in a matter of minutes they could feel the difference. Next day they noticed a lack of dust accumulation and every one was breathing better. It turned out to be an older model of EnviroQuest International Air Purifier. My sister and her husband are disappointed they didn't know its capabilities sooner, but they thank God they know now.

Ron Cudney
(no city listed)

The set up of RainFresh Breeze was VERY easy! Thank you. I do love the way the air smells clean now.

J. Drawbridge
Encinitas, CA

The Fresh Air was shipped ready to connect, plug in, and start. That made us happy. We have dogs, cats, and a couple of birds so we don't expect shocking results immediately, but we are pleased with the discovery so far. We will continue to use the purifier.

Don Flau
Hesperia, CA

I have been using my Living Lightning Air Classic machine and could not be more pleased! It is everything you promise and more. I have referred several people to your web site and will continue to do so.

D. Alley Farr
Saint Augustine, FL

We purchased a RainFresh Breeze, and my son's life has been allergy free since with the exception of outside, but life is much better.

Jimmy King
Crossville, AL

We enjoy the Flare and I also have the Mini-Protector. They are both great! The Flare helps me at home and on vacation. The Mini-Protector goes everywhere and is keeping me from colds and allergens. Thank you!

Cyrus Balch
Cape Coral, FL

We are very pleased with the Flare. We will definitely recommend Living Lightning Air products to others!

R. Powell
San Diego, CA

I received my Living Lightning Air product LA-5000 two days ago. It has been great so far. The air quality in our home is awesome. My husband has asthma and this has a definite possitive effect on him. WE are a true believer of this product.

J.C. Hillman
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Thanks! I have referred two other people to your web site. I love the Flare! We live in an old two-story house, and I didn't expect the unit located on the first floor to be so effective on the second floor with the doorway to the stairs closed. The very first day, we noticed a very pleasant change in the air downstairs, and to our surprise, the air upstairs also improved the first week! There is less dust floating in the air, and my sinus problems have drastically improved. Our daughter also noticed an improvement in her allergies when she visits for a few days. We have three dogs in the house, and with the Flare, the air stays fresh all the time.

J. Steinhelfer
Marysville, OH

Good Morning,

Sorry it took me so long to respond. Our Living Lightning Air Classic is awesome. We are very pleased with the performance. The reduction of dust and pollen has been dramatic. I am amazed when I look through the sunlight as it streams through our bedroom window and the little particles that used to be suspended in the air have all but disappeared.

Ron Johnson
Banning, CA

I have tried the RainFresh Breeze and it's absolutely amazing how the product actually allows the contaminants in the air to fall to the ground as it creates mountain fresh air within a musty room.

Kristofferson Coke
(no city listed)

I already have the Fresh Air purifier. I got my mom, my sister, and my niece to buy one too. We love them!

Joyce Enlow
Redlands, CA


The Living Lightning™ Alpine Air purifiers by EnviroQuest International are NOT medical devices, nor do we claim they are. The purifiers are designed solely for the purpose of treating indoor air pollution. The amazing results that people experience after using Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Technology, such as improvement in health, can be attributed to breathing clean air and/or other factors non-related to Living Lightning™ Alpine Air technology. Individual results may vary depending on many factors. The inventor, the manufacturer, and EnviroQuest International do not claim that Living Lightning™ Alpine Air purifiers treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Do NOT stop taking any prescribed medication unless you first consult a qualified physician. We are NOT responsible for any medical problems that may result from ignoring professional medical advice.